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Woman posts warning about allergic reaction to henna hair dye

While allergic reactions to hair dye are much less common with henna than other salon-based color treatments or at-home boxed hair color products, they can still occur. This women posted a youtube video about her visit to an Emergency Room after having a hair dye treatment with henna. According to a report from Yahoo, she had had a previous allergic reaction to hair dye, hence the reason for opting for henna (which is believed to cause fewer problems and allergic reactions). After a small "test" area was treated with henna, she proceeded with the full scalp henna color treatment. Unfortunately, she experienced severe burning sensation of the scalp and progressively worse swelling of her face--leading to an ER visit.

Severe reactions to chemicals or other substances on the scalp can lead to hair loss due to hair follicles being "shut down" by the inflammation that is occurring.  Typically, hair loss from this kind of allergic reaction would begin to be noticed about six weeks after the reaction on the scalp.

Podcast: PRP for Hair Regrowth - Is Your Doctor Performing it Correctly?


PRP with BioD Extracellular Matrix (ECM) for Hair Growth: Is your doctor performing it correctly?

When it comes to combating hair thinning and hair loss, the latest non-invasive treatment is PRP, platelet rich plasma. But not every doctor is preparing and applying #PRP the same way. We may not know exactly why ECMs like #ACell and #BioD make the PRP work stronger and longer, but early studies support this observation. How is PRP performed by board-certified Hair Restoration Physician, Dr. Alan Bauman at +Bauman Medical Group Hair Transplant & Hair Loss Treatment Center? How often does it need to be repeated? How do we measure PRP results? What can you expect when PRP is performed with ECM Extracellular Matrix like ACell or BioD?  What benefit does PRP have for hair transplant patients?  Can PRP be used in conjunction with laser therapy or compounded minoxidil 82M?

Listen to this informative discussion with +Michele Garber, NipTuck Coach and Dr. +Alan Bauman on #deepbody.

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