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What is CNC 3D-Printed Cranial Hair & Scalp Prosthesis?

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What is a CNC 3D-Printed Cranial Hair and Scalp Prosthesis?

Many alopecia and other hair loss patients are thrilled to hear about the new Italian Hair Replacement System called the CNC Cranial Prosthesis. But what exactly is a CNC medical-grade hair and scalp prosthesis and how does it differ from traditional medical wigs, weaves and extensions and other medical hair replacement options like hair transplant surgery, platelet rich plasma (PRP), medications and laser therapy?  Where can you buy a CNC Cranial Prosthesis?  How does it work and what is involved in getting an Italian Hair System? What does "CNC" stand for, anyway?

At Bauman Medical, we've seen that some alopecia patients are not good candidates for hair transplantation, which requires a significant quantity of your own healthy donor hair follicles to be redistributed into the thinning or balding area.  Men and women with severe hair loss that affects their available "donor hair" in terms of quantity and quality, as well as those who want to achieve results that a hair transplantation or medical treatments cannot provide, need other options. Unfortunately, hair replacement options like hot, itchy, shifting wigs or damaging extensions or weaves have their obvious drawbacks.

What if there was a hair replacement solution that offered a nearly limitless quantity of hair, with long lengths seen only in Hollywood, and the pure soft silky shiny quality ONLY found in real unprocessed human hair, in a system that you could be as active or athletic as you want to be without restrictions... swimming, dancing, shampooing/styling, etc., and secured in such a way that made it seamless and undetectable to even the closest inspection and touch?  It is not a dream, it is REAL. Leave it to modern technology combined with the brilliant craftsmanship, artisanship and appreciation of beauty found only in the "DNA" of the Italians (think shoes, handbags, fashion, sportscars, etc.) to solve this problem!  With nearly 50 years of experience, Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories (CRLAB) of Bologna, Italy brings together a marriage of technology and artistry that is unlike any other breakthrough in non-surgical hair restoration called the "CNC." And, at Bauman Medical, we are thrilled to be able to pioneer this life-changing "beauty tech" to the U.S.!

If you know someone struggling with hair problems due to hair loss, alopecia, chemotherapy, scarring, burns, injury or other condition that depleted their hair and may benefit from the CNC Hair and Scalp Prosthesis / Italian Hair System, please have them contact us at

What does CNC mean?

CNC stands for "Capelli Naturali a Contatto" in Italian, which means simply "Natural Hair, Attached."  It is a deceptively simple name for a hair replacement system or medical-grade cranial prosthesis, behind which lies an incredible series of 39 separate production steps, nearly 250 man-hours of meticulous handcrafted labor over 12 weeks of time and uses 3D scanning, robotic 3D-printing, sophisticated polymer chemistry and more, all within a quality-controlled production facility that looks like it was designed more for aerospace engineering than hair replacement! Having personally been to the facility, however, I can say with great confidence that the most important "ingredient" that I noticed was the passion and love that each member of the CRLAB team brings to their "job"--and a deep appreciation of how their work has such an impact on peoples lives. 

It is truly a pleasure to have a partner such as Cesare Ragazzi to work with in order to help our patients and we are thrilled to bring this "gamechanging" hair replacement option to our patients in the U.S. exclusively at our clinic Bauman Medical, located in Boca Raton, FL. 

Take a Virtual Tour of the high-tech, high-touch CRLAB Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories production facility in Bologna, Italy with Dr. Alan Bauman.

See a scalp burn survivor from San Antonio, Texas receive a new head of beautiful 3d-printed hair from Dr. Bauman in Florida with a CNC.

Watch a scarring cicatricial alopecia patient with CCCA receive a CNC Cranial Prosthesis at Bauman Medical in Boca Raton.

Brain cancer survivor Tim receives a life-changing CNC Hair & Scalp Prosthesis from Dr. Alan Bauman in Boca Raton, FL using 3d-printing tech.

What is the CNC scalp prosthesis "second skin" made of?  

CNC prosthetic base is made of a breathable, comfortable, dermato-compatible (skin friendly) medical grade polymer that is shaped specifically the patient's unique scalp contour with the help of sophisticated 3d-printing technology. The color and texture is matched specifically to the patient. When the hair is implanted into the prosthesis and it is secured to the scalp with medical grade adhesive, the appearance and texture of the prosthesis is 100% undetectable to the naked eye and indistinguishable from the patient's own skin. 

Up to 100,000 unprocessed human hairs may be implanted into the CNC hair and scalp prosthesis to restore a full head of hair, or just a small area of hair loss--depending on the patient's needs. Only "virgin" or unprocessed hair is obtained primarily from people of Eastern Europe--that means the shine, quality, texture of the hair is truly unsurpassed.  This hair is far different and certainly more rare than traditional wigs or weaves made from Asian hair (or even Yak hair, eeew!) which is typically dyed and processed to create inexpensive "throw-away" hair replacement systems.  Based on a small sample of the patient's own hair, if available, strands of the proper curl, length and color are carefully selected and artistically blended to create and mimic the natural variety of hair found on the human scalp. In other words, natural "brown" hair is NOT just brown--it contains perhaps 15-20 different colors blended together. This is what helps gives natural hair (and the CNC hair and scalp prosthetic) its unique radiant color and shine.

Each individual hair strand is "stitched" or implanted and secured into the "second skin" of the prosthesis with careful attention to the angle, orientation and position--in order to mimic natural patterns of hair growth on the scalp. As a hair transplant surgeon, I can certainly appreciate the detail required on this step! 

Once the CNC production steps are completed and all of the numerous quality-control aspects are met, the Cranial Prosthesis is sent back to Boca Raton, Florida so it can be applied and styled for one of our hair loss patients at Bauman Medical.

How often does the CNC get maintained? What is the maintenance involved?

Approximately every four weeks, the CNC must be removed, cleaned and reapplied to the scalp. This is important for the health of the scalp as well as to maintain the longevity of the CNC hair replacement system. With proper care and maintenance, the hair system will remain looking and feeling great for years and years. 

Where to buy CNC hair and scalp prosthesis?  Where can you get a CNC 3d-printed hair system?

3d-printed hair system called CNC is available from Dr. Alan Bauman and Bauman Medical Group in Boca Raton Florida. Are you a candidate? Find out now at