Formula 82F or 82M Compounded Minoxidil in eye, heres what to do
Hair Loss Expert Dr Alan Bauman MD Joins Keranique at Cosmoprof

Why is my hair over there? | The Seattle Times

Hair-loss causesMany factors can contribute to thinning hair, including:Hereditary female-pattern baldness Scalp disease Anemia Crash dieting Thyroid disease Autoimmune disorders, such as alopecia areata Trauma or severe psychological stress Hormonal changes, such as childbirth Medications, such as birth-control pills Cornrows, braids, tight hairstyles Hair-loss treatments Within five years, doctors hope they will be able to harvest hair stem cells from an adult’s head, put them in areas of hair loss and generate new hair cells. But for the time being, here are some ways Dr. Alan Bauman recommends to treat or camouflage thinning hair: Minoxidil (Formula 82M) Hair transplantation surgery Laser therapy


A #throwback to a nice round up of treatments for hair loss from The Seattle Times! - Dr. Alan Bauman, MD, FISHRS, IAHRS, ABHRS-certified Hair Restoration Physician, CEO & Medical Director of Bauman Medical Hair Transplant & Hair Loss Treatment Center - Miami Boca Raton Ft Lauderdale Florida

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