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VIDEO: What is a COVID Protected Hair Transplant Facility?

What is a COVID-Protected Hair Transplant Facility?

ABOVE: New VIDEO Message from Dr. Alan Bauman, Medical Director of Bauman Medical regarding reopening as a “COVID-Protected Hair Transplant Facility”


Hi, Dr. Bauman here. I hope you are all staying safe and healthy during these challenging, and often stressful, times that have affected every single one of us. For most of us, it’s meant putting a lot of things on hold: regular life activities, family get-togethers, and many things like sports, going to the gym, shopping, eating at your favorite restaurants, getting a haircut, have all been put on hold. For our patients at Bauman Medical, it’s meant delaying hair and scalp health evaluations, follow-ups as well as hair restoration treatments and procedures. It’s been a tough time, no doubt, we have all been affected, and having spoken to so many of you over these weeks, I know that it has not been easy.

The good news is that Florida is beginning to restart slowly, carefully reopening, and this includes medical procedures state-wide.

Of course, this “restart” is being done safely, in phases, including right here at Bauman Medical. As we have done before and during this crisis, we have gone above and beyond to keep our patients and our Bauman Team safe. For those of you who have been waiting for us to restart our treatments and procedures, I’m proud to announce that Bauman Medical Hair Transplant and Hair Loss Treatment Center is safely and slowly re-opening and functioning as a “COVID-Protected Facility.”

What is a “COVID-Protected” Hair Transplant Facility?

This means:

We will continue to vigilantly screen our staff for ANY health issues. In addition,

For those patients who are visiting us:

  • We’re screening patients well in advance of their arrival to the office.
  • We’re screening patients when they arrive: taking their temperature, conducting COVID testing if necessary.
  • We’re limiting the number of patients in our facility, especially in waiting areas to maintain social distancing.
  • All visits will be by appointment only, so no walk-ins, please.
  • All patients will be required to wear a mask and all of our staff will be fully equipped with the appropriate protective gear.
  • and more... 

As we have done since the beginning of this situation, we will continue to meticulously sanitize our facility frequently throughout the day, including disinfecting all surfaces, equipment, and seating areas before and after each patient, and performing our Deep Cleaning Protocol on a nightly basis.

As we slowly phase-in our reopening, for those who are not ready to see us in person, we’ll continue to provide Virtual Consultations for new patients and Virtual follow-ups for our existing patients when possible. If you haven’t connected with us yet “virtually,” it’s simple and easy!

The exciting news is that if you’ve been waiting for our office to reopen to have your hair transplant procedures, PRP, or PDOgro treatments, or if you’ve been putting off your hair loss consultation, or want to resume your at-home hair regrowth therapies, it’s time for us to connect at

My team and I look forward to seeing you soon.  Until then, take care and stay safe!

To Your Hair’s Health,

Alan J Bauman MD ABHRS IAHRS – Bauman Medical Hair Transplant & Hair Loss Treatment Center

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