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What To Do When Natural Hair Growth Treatments Are Not Enough

What should you do when your natural hair growth treatments are not "enough...?"

So, you’ve been disciplined with your vitamins, herbs, supplements, nutritionals, and nutraceuticals for hair regrowth. You’ve been diligently applying the recommended natural herbal topical lotions as recommended. You’ve been using the appropriate hair growth shampoos and conditioners… and you have likely experienced a slowing of hair loss progression and probably noticed even a bit of regrowth in some areas, which is fantastic for non-drug treatments. You’ve done everything “right” so far. 

However, perhaps you want to see more?  More regrowth. More thicker hair. More volume and more coverage, too? No worries!

It’s totally OK to want more from your natural hair regrowth regimen!  It’s completely natural to see your “new normal,” even if it’s improved from where you were, to now be “not enough.”

What can you do to further fight hair loss and improve hair growth?

You may have already been to your stylist or traditional salon. You may even have visited a popular non-medical hair growth salon, like Harklinikken, or if you’re lucky, a Certified Trichologist (a non-medical person who specializes in scalp health and hair growth). 

You may have even been to your local dermatologist for some hair loss advice at some point. But, the chances are, you have NOT gotten an opinion from a full-time board-certified Hair Restoration Physician--a doctor who is an experienced and credentialed professional in the highly specialized field of medical hair restoration. [Did you know there are only about 200 ABHRS board-certified Hair Restoration Physicians in the world, and even fewer have been accepted by the International Alliance for Hair Restoration Surgeons (IAHRS)?]

What Can an ABHRS Board-Certified Hair Restoration Physician like Dr. Alan Bauman Do For You?

Diagnose: Without the correct hair loss diagnosis, your hair regrowth treatments are not likely to work. (This is why DIY treatments often don’t work--most people don’t know what hair loss condition or conditions they are treating.) Getting to an accurate diagnosis requires a detailed history of your hair loss, medical conditions and risk factors, microscopic assessments of your scalp, and may require blood tests or biopsies. 

Measure: If you don’t measure your baseline, tracking and judging improvements over time takes at least 400% longer to judge! (Remember, you can’t manage what you don’t measure.) At Bauman Medical, we measure every patient, every visit, every time!

Follow-up: During your follow-up appointments, we make sure your regimen is up to date, and you are performing the treatment regimen properly.  Nearly 1 in 3 patients have been making a ‘mistake’ in their regimen that is caught and remedied during their first follow-up appointment! Are new treatments available? We will let you know!

Adjust: If your regimen needs a boost because your stress level, health status, or hair loss status has changed, additional and more powerful therapies and treatments can be added. For example, you’ve been using a popular over-the-counter topical minoxidil treatment, but you’ve learned that the compounded prescription versions, like Formula 82M, are stronger and have fewer side effects. Or, maybe you’ve been using a consumer laser therapy device that looks like a big plastic bike helmet and want something more portable, more powerful and medical-grade, like the Turbo LaserCap.  

If you'd like to investigate what else you could be doing to help your hair regrowth, prevent further loss, and assess (or re-assess) your hair status, just request a new hair loss consultation or follow-up consultation with ABHRS Certified Hair Restoration Physician, Dr. Alan J Bauman MD, here at and our team will be happy to assist you. 

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