Is Trumps Hair Real? The Answers From The Experts May Surprise You!

Is it real?  "Real interesting," they say!  Many speculate on its construction and infrastructure and even the experts cannot agree on exactly what Donald may or may not have done to enhance his hair.  One thing is for sure, regardless of your political persuasion, "Trump's Hair" is a frequent topic of conversation both online and off.  It even has it's own Twitter account @TrumpsHair which proclaims "I'm on top of the man who is on top of the world!"


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Although Mr. Trump is not a patient of mine, I was asked (along with the famous The Bald Truth radio talkshow host Spencer Kobren) to weigh in on the topic. Personally, I suspect that he may have had an outdated invasive surgical flap procedure and perhaps some transplantation years and years ago, which "locks" him into his current style. Today's minimally-invasive procedures like NeoGraft FUE and ARTAS robotic hair transplantation restore hair growth permanently without linear scars or significant downtime--and modern therapies like PRP, laser therapy, Minoxidil 82M and others help keep the hair you have growing strong. Solving the mystery of Donald's Hair may not be easy... but at least the experts have some opinions. Visit Plastic Surgery Portal below for the complete infographic. Sincerely, Dr. Alan J. Bauman M.D. - Bauman Medical Group Hair Transplant & Hair Loss Treatment Center.




Think you know what's going on up there....?  What's your vote?

#IfIHadGoogleGlass by Dr. Alan J. Bauman - Hair Transplant Surgery

If I Had Google Glass - by Dr. Alan J. Bauman, M.D. (American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery)


#ifihadgoogleglass, all could see what I see... that thinning hair and loss can be treated easily! 

At Bauman Medical, reviving follicles is what we do... and if you're receding, we’ve got some re-seeding to do!

See live follicles moving from here to there, now producing living, growing hair. “No scalpel, no stitches” we always rant, because Dr. Bauman’s NeoGraft’s not your father's hair transplant!  While comfortable and relaxing like on a long airplane ride, FUE patients are psyched because there’s no linear scar to hide.
Our Circles of patients would have more hope and less misery, because with google glass they'd see much more clearly. Hair follicles are transplanted without pain or plugs, eliminating the need for powders, toupees or rugs. Toss out the hairpiece and you’ll be certainly be glad, to get back a real head of hair... just ask my Dad!  The transplant is a symphony of art and surgical detail... and it takes a skilled team or it’s doomed to fail.  Done right, the resulting hair? So natural, not pluggy... like it was before it was bare.

In the early stages, time is of the essence... time to fight the hair loss fight and raise the defenses. Knowledge helps those those whose hairlines are receding, in order to avoid the lotions/potions that are misleading.  Your teenager hair may no longer be there, but that doesn’t mean you can’t anti-age your hair. Thicker, fuller, healthier than it’s been, just add LaserCap, Viviscal and Formula 82M.

Male or female hair loss may be mostly genetic, but you can verify your hair growth with a routine HairCheck. Scientific evaluations and tracking help Hair Coaches and doctors recommend solutions for those with hair lacking.  Shave or ‘wig out’ if you want, if you don’t really care--but don’t most scalps look better when they’re growing hair?

Like Nalts and Benson and Ralston and Greek who tweeted, texted, posted and reshared, for all those follically-challenged followers and YouTube’rs who cared. The first YouTube/Live transplant webcast was good no doubt, but wouldn’t it be cool to have a GoogleGlass Hair Transplant Hangout? Glass can help me help those discouraged by their thinning pate, to show them that hope's not lost... it's not too late! 

Maybe soon we’ll have cloning, I’m not really sure, but eventually they’ll find it... the ultimate hair loss cure.  ‘Til then we’ll use with the medical treatments we have, safe and effective... lightyears beyond Hippocrates’ gooey salve! 

See the future: with Google Glass it's almost here... Click ‘+1’ and ‘Share’ if you'd 'like' to enjoy it with a little more hair!  ;-)

YouTube Celeb "Nalts" video about his "Hair Today"


In August of 2009, YouTube celeb Kevin 'Nalts' Nalty had a hair transplant with Dr. Alan Bauman using the minimally-invasive NeoGraft FUE technique live on the internet via streaming video.
Well, it's been over a year now... Did the transplanted hair grafts grow as planned? Did the results suck? Was it painful? Was it painful to watch? Does his mom like the result? Will he keep the new pig? Will he continue to gain weight? Find out all this and more...

If you missed his previous videos about his hair transplant experience please watch this collection of hair transplant videos on NeoGraft/FUE procedure:

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