Liz's Update One Week After Hair Transplant + Eyebrow Transplant Surgery

It is one week post hairline lowering (hair transplant) and eyebrow transplant and my experience has been a great one!
Having been through other cosmetic procedures before, I am happy to say that what Dr. Alan Bauman and the staff told me about the hair transplant surgery experience was exactly what is was: virtually pain-free. So, for those of you out there contemplating hair transplant surgery, please know that.

After the surgery, as instructed, I kept the area very clean and moisturized so seven days later, I don't have any of those little scabs left on my forehead or eyebrows.The area just looks pink.  Admittedly, my incision in the back of my head is a little tender but getting better everyday.

What has been so much fun is showing clients and friends my emerging hairline and teaching people about all the different areas that hair can be transplanted to and the newest techniques available today. People are truly amazed! 

In closing, just let me say, "These aren't your father's hair plugs!  Today, it's a whole new world!"

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My hairline lowering and eyebrow transplant

My hairline lowering transplant and eyebrow transplant

Why would someone want a hair transplant? Afterall we don't need it, but why not?  I've always been bothered by my vast expanse of forehead and when the wind blew, I felt so self-conscious.  Not only does Dr. Bauman fix bald spots but he also lowers female hairlines! 

I'm so excited about having my surgery and about no longer being the gal with the high forehead (hidden behind bangs all my life...) I can hardly stand it.  Today, Dr. Bauman reviewed the hairline 'plan' for me so I'm set and ready to go to surgery on Monday. With 12+ years working with hair transplant patients, they all say it's not painful, so we'll see... Stay posted. PS: Also, getting my brows done, too! I killed my eyebrows with over tweezing so I know I'm going to love that too!