75% Discount Off NeoGraft Hair Transplant, Zerona, LaserCap, Eyelash Transplant

Dear Patients and Friends,

Bauman Medical Group is pleased to share with you a truly rare opportunity for our current and prior patients and friends to participate in a first-ever auction being conducted with one of South Florida's leading radio stations. During this internet-based auction, you or someone you know have the opportunity to obtain any one of four major services the Bauman Medical Group provides at an once-in-a-lifetime 75% discounted price.  That's not a typo, you read that correctly and that is why we are sending you this email, but most important, you must act quickly.  

Working in conjunction with Palm Beach County's Clear Channel Radio, KOOL 105.5, Bauman Medical Group is offering as part of a live on-line auction, its most sought-after cosmetic services at this one-time-only 75% price break.  Please be aware though, this auction ends midnight, Friday, March 25th, so if you, or someone you know are interested, you absolutely, positively must act right now. See the links below that takes you right to the radio station's auction page.

These services include the world's most sophisticated, least-invasive hair transplantation procedure, NeoGraft / FUE, ideal for man or woman, the Eyelash Transplant procedure, for permanent, longer thicker lashes, the non invasive fat-melting, inch-reducing Zerona Laser Procedure and finally, the LaserCap, the convenient in-home device that gives you powerful office results for growing thicker, richer, fuller looking hair in the comfort of your home.  

If you've looked into having one of these these procedures before, you know just how successful they can be and the life-enhancing results they provide. If you've had one of these procedures before, you can treat yourself to that "other round of the procedure you've been wanting to get" at this incredibly low discounted rate. And finally, if you've been thinking about doing one of these procedures, this is the only opportunity you will ever get to secure one of these procedures at this remarkably low rate.
Below are links that will take you directly to the KOOL / 105.5 FM radio station on-line auction. As you can see, there is the procedure cost noted and right next to it is the 75% discounted rate.  Just click on the link, it will take you to the radio station's "bid page" that also includes a full description of the entire procedure.

If you, or someone you know, have ever had an interest in improving their personal appearance, whether it's a hair transplant, a desire for permanent and beautiful long lashes, painlessly and effortlessly reducing, shaping and contouring your body, or growing thicker, richer, fuller hair, these four life-enhancing procedures are available right now for this one-time-only auction cost at a 75% discount

Final Reminder, the auction is live, on-line and ends at midnight, Friday, March 25th, 2011.  Direct bidding links are below.  For more info on any treatment or procedure, visit www.baumanmedical.com.

As always, we wish you well and the very best from Bauman Medical Group.
Happy Bidding and Good Luck!


Alan J. Bauman, M.D.
Certified, American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery
Medical Director
Bauman Medical Group, P.A.

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New, less-invasive no-scalpel/no-stitch hair transplant harvest techniques like NeoGraft / FUE  allow for a quicker, less restricted, more comfortable recovery and no 'tell-tale' linear scar--without sacrificing the naturalness or growth of the final result. 
Standard Cost: $10,000  Auction Opening Bid Cost, $2500


Weak, sparse lashes?  Get longer, thicker, fuller eyelashes permanently with Dr. Bauman's Eyelash Transplant procedure. 
Standard Cost: $6,500  Auction Opening Bid Cost: $1,625 


FDA-approved Zerona is a non-invasive body-slimming treatment that helps you lose inches of stubborn fat with no pain, no surgery and no downtime in just two weeks.  As seen on 'The Doctors' TV show.
Standard Cost: $2,400   Auction Opening Bid Cost $600

LASERCAP -  At-Home Laser Therapy

A breakthrough in design and manufacturing allows for a new, powerful, portable, hands-free and convenient at-home low level laser therapy device: the  LaserCap!  Drug-free and side-effect free, you can now easily grow thicker, fuller, healthier-looking hair in the comfort of your home.
Standard Cost: $3,000  Auction Opening Bid Cost: $450  

BREAKING NEWS: Zerona Laser gets FDA-approval for body-slimming and inch loss

8/31/2010  Boca Raton, FL

Today, the FDA has announced that the Zerona Laser (aka Erchonia ML Scanner) has demonstrated safety and efficacy as a non-invasive body-contouring, fat-loss and inch-loss treatment and has awarded the Zerona (Erchonia, TX) with its 510(K) Class II device approval: K082609.

"I'm not surprised by this news," said Dr. Alan Bauman, phototherapy expert and cosmetic surgeon in Boca Raton, Florida. "We've used Zerona, to help our patients lose hundreds of inches with for over three years without the pain, risk or downtime associated with surgery."

The FDA also went so far as to describe the non-invasive Zerona's mechanism of action... "disruption of the adipocyte cells within the fat layer for the release of fat and lipids from these cells for non-invasive aesthetic use" and as a Class II device: "Low Level Laser System for Aesthetic Use."

Typical results are the loss of three to nine inches of total combined circumference over the course of two weeks of treatment.  Treatments are applied for twenty minutes on each side of the body, approximately every other day for two to three weeks.

Read the Zerona Erchonia ML Scanner FDA-clearance document:  http://www.scribd.com/doc/36681907

Zerona treatments are available at Bauman Medical Group in Boca Raton Florida.

For more info on how Zerona can help you lose inches without surgery, call 1-561-394-0024 or email [email protected]

Watch a Zerona Video





"The Doctors" wins Daytime Emmy!

image from www.flickr.com Congratulations to the team at "The Doctors" for their recent first Daytime Emmy award for Outstanding Talk Show.  "The Doctors" has featured many of the technologies and treatments we perform at Bauman Medical Group, such as eyelash transplantation, low level laser therapy for hair growth, Zerona, and more.  Keep up the great work, Dr. Stork, Dr. Odon, Dr. Masterson, Dr. Sears, Jay McGraw, Andrew Scher and their team.

by WKBW News

updated 7/1/2010 8:51:22 AM

LOS ANGELES, CA ( release ) THE DOCTORS, from Stage 29 Productions and CBS Television Distribution, picked up its first Emmy Award for Outstanding Talk Show: Informative at the 37th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards, which were broadcast live from the Las Vegas Hilton and televised on CBS Sunday evening, June 27th.

Jay McGraw, creator and executive producer of the syndicated talk show, was on hand to accept the award, along with series' hosts Dr. Travis Stork, Dr. Andrew Ordon, Dr. Lisa Masterson, and Dr. Jim Sears, Co-Executive Producer Andrew Scher, and several members of the producing team.

During his acceptance speech, McGraw thanked his father and fellow executive producer of THE DOCTORS, Dr. Phil McGraw, for his guidance in making THE DOCTORS the show that it is.

Additional members of Emmy Award-winning producing team from THE DOCTORS include Executive Producer Carla Pennington, Supervising Producers Jeff Hudson and George Davilas, and producers Rich de Michele, Kathy Gulinello, Sarah Rogers, Shannon Hunt, Veronica Torres, Lisa Williams, Joni Busby, Nicole Petreshock, Michelle Wendt, Joyce Coleman-Sampson, Lauree Dash, Paul Lutz, Jennifer Sherry, Stephanie Berk, Josie Viviano, Jeannine Denholm, Daniel Primer, Stacy Tobin, Del Bigtree, John Pattyson, Michael Weaver, and Andrea Masamitsu.

THE DOCTORS, which recently concluded its 2nd season, premiered in September 2OO8, introducing an entirely new concept to the TV landscape -- real doctors discussing medicine and health in a relatable fashion five days a week. The series finished its premiere season as the number one new syndicated series and talk show.

Season three of THE DOCTORS premieres Monday, September 13. THE DOCTORS tapes in front of an audience in Hollywood and is produced by Stage 29 Productions and distributed by CBS Television Distribution. Jay McGraw, Carla Pennington and Dr. Phil McGraw are executive producers, and Andrew Scher is the coexecutive producer. CBS Television Distribution is the preeminent company in worldwide television syndication. CTD produces or distributes 11 first-run series and holds the largest internationally distributed television library at 70,000 hours strong. CTD is a unit of CBS Corp.

For additional information on THE DOCTORS, please visit "Programming" at wkbw.com and click THE DOCTORS. Watch every weekday at 4pm followed by "Eyewitness News at 5" on WKBW-TV

Zerona LLLT Body Contouring Clinical Trial Published in peer-reviewed journal

Coverimage_lsm Results of the double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled, multi-center trial of non-invasive body slimming ZERONA--often called the 'fat burning laser'-- was recently published in the esteemed peer-reviewed journal, Lasers in Surgery and Medicine 41:799-809 (2009).   The official publication of the American Society for Lasers in Medicine and Surgery.  Download Clinical Trial (Zerona)

Recently featured on Rachael Ray and in Harpers Bazaar magazine, Bauman Medical Group was the first South Florida location to offer Zerona outside of the clinical trial.  For more information on Zerona, visit http://www.baumanmedical.com/Default.aspx?tabid=157 or call 561-394-0024 for scheduling.


Plastic Surgery Breakthroughs (Neograft & Zerona) on Rachael Ray 9/25/09

Rachael Ray features Plastic Surgery Breakthroughs (Zerona and NeoGraft)

This Friday, September 25, 2009, both the Zerona body-slimming laser and the minimally-invasive NeoGraft hair transplant device is due to be featured on Rachael RayZerona is a non-invasive body-slimming procedure which has been scientifically-researched and proven in clinical trials to reduce body-circumference without the pain, recovery, risk or downtime of liposuction surgery.  NeoGraft is a new breakthrough device for minimally-invasive hair transplant procedures (called Follicular Unit Extraction or FUE) which allows individual hair follicles to be harvested from the back of the scalp with no scalpel, no stitches and no linear scar.   Healing and recovery is faster and more comfortable than traditional techniques and very short haircuts are possible post-op because there is no tell-tale linear scar.

Learn more about the Zerona laser or NeoGraft Hair Transplant Procedures at www.baumanmedical.com

Dr. Bauman has performed FUE procedures since 2002 and was one of the first physicans in the world to provide Zerona laser treatments to his patients.  Dr. Bauman is located in Boca Raton, Florida.

ZERONA to be featured on "Girls Night Out" radio show 96.9FM Key-Z 8/4/09 6pmET

Congratulations to on-air personality Pam Godfrey, who lost over 6 inches of total combined circumference in two weeks using the Zerona laser treatment program at Bauman Medical Group in Boca Raton, Florida! 

Tune in to 96.9FM Key-Z, 8/4/09 at 6pm ET to hear more about her experience with the painless, non-invasive body-slimming treatment using the Zerona laser. 

Listen to the live stream online at: http://www.easy969.com/pages/live_stream.html at 6pm ET tonight!

Zerona is a painless non-invasive medical treatment which helps patients lose inches of stubborn fat without the pain, recovery, risk or downtime of surgery.  Proven to reduce body-circumference in scientific trials, Zerona requires six one-hour treatments in the office.  First in South Florida, Dr. Bauman was one of the first physicians worldwide to obtain the Zerona device.  More info: www.bocalipo.com

Zerona on "The Doctors"- a non-invasive liposuction alternative

"The Doctors" patient, Christine, lost 7 inches in two weeks from her Zerona treatments.  Zerona is a non-surgical liposuction alternative that shrinks unwanted fat.  Watch the video above, click to read Dr. Orden's blog on Zerona below or contact [email protected] for more information or to schedule your Zerona treatment regimen.

Visit Dr. Orden's blog on Zerona


Contact Bauman Medical Group for Zerona Treatments

Zerona Slideshow of Photos

Zerona is the latest breakthrough in fat-reduction.  Patients lose inches of unwanted fat without the interruption, pain, discomfort, recovery or risks of surgery.   Laser therapy has been scientifically and clinically proven to safely and effectively help patients lose inches in just two weeks.  Bauman Medical Group is one of the first medical practices worldwide to receive the Zerona laser from Erchonia Medical (TX).  Learn more about Zerona at www.bocalipo.com

FDA considering new 510(k) approval category for non-invasive 'fat burning' laser (Zerona)

"Fat Burning" is in quotes here because while we all know that low level lasers are non-thermal, the news media has adapted this slightly inaccurate term to describe the Zerona laser.  I guess "Laser Fat Zap" or "Fat Burning Laser" sounds better than 'fat leaking' -- which is, in fact, what the low level lasers in Zerona causes adipocytes (fat cells) to do... leak.

There are some rumblings from the FDA that regarding the Zerona laser, which has been demonstrated in scientific clinical trials to significantly decrease body circumference in two weeks, they (the FDA) are considering creating a 'new' category within the "Low Level Laser / Photobiomodulation" division of their 510(k) market approvals to reflect body-contouring and fat reduction. 

This has absolutely nothing to do with the specifications or safety of the Zerona device, but rather the proven body contouring effect Zerona demonstrated in the clinical trials.   So much for those people who believe that FDA 510(k) clearance is only about safety!   An FDA 510(k) approval is typically based on a predicate or pre-existing device, but because none such device exists that non-invasively reduces fat like Zerona, a new category will likely have to be created.   

We'll know within the next few weeks the FDA's decision.   For clarification, the laser in the Zerona device has already received 510(k) market approval from the FDA for use as an adjunct to Liposuction.   However, the studies submitted to the FDA show that the Zerona can be used non-invasively to significantly reduce the circumference of the hips waist and thighs without surgery, in two weeks.

For more information on Zerona lasers in Florida, visit http://www.baumanmedical.com/Default.aspx?tabid=157 or www.bocalipo.com.  

Clinical Data on Zerona -- Presentation at 16th Annual American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine

Las Vegas, NV--The presentation of the data from the randomized, double-blind, multi-center, placebo-controlled study on the Zerona was given on December 11, 2008 at the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicne 16th Annual Meeting in Las Vegas.   The data showed a statistically-significant reduction in the individual and total combined circuferences of the hips, waist and bilateral thighs after two weeks of treatment using Erchonia's Zerona Low Level Laser.  Scientific background was presented by Dr. Ryan Maloney and the clinical data/clinical experience presented by Dr. Alan J. Bauman.   For more information regarding Zerona in Florida or around the United States, visit www.bocalipo.com or email [email protected].      

Every patient treated at Bauman Medical Group in Boca Raton Florida using the Zerona laser has lost inches.   Zerona is a non-invasive, non-surgical fat-reduction treatment that has been proven to help patients lose inches of stubborn fat from their hips, waist and thighs.  The Zerona Laser is FDA-cleared.

Watch the ABC news investigative report on Zerona on YouTube.com... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TynqPeXtRLI